AutoCount Accounting
Product Information

General Ledger
Account Maintenance
Print Chart of Accounts
Cash Book Entry
Journal Entry
Bank Reconciliation
Print Journal of Transactions
Opening Balance Maintenance
Print Balance B/F
Journal Maintenance
Account Inquiry
Print Official Receipt & Payment Voucher
Print Cash Transaction Listing
Print Journal Voucher
Print Journal Entry Listing
Print Bank Reconciliation Report
Print Ledger
Print Trial Balance
Print Profit & Loss Statement
Print Balance Sheet
Print Cash Flow Statement
Print Depreciation and Net Book Value
Print Gain/Loss on Disposal of Assets
Print Receipt and Payment Report

Account Receivable
Debtor Maintenance
Invoice Entry
Receive Payment
Credit Note Entry
Debit Note Entry
Refund Entry
OA/R & A/P Contra
Deposit Entry
Print Outstanding Invoice
Print Outstanding Deposit
Print Debtor Aging
Print Debtor Balance
Print Statement
Print Collection Report
Print Monthly Sales & Collection Analysis
Print A/R Analysis by Document
Print Overdue Letter
Print Debtor Label and Listing
Print A/R Invoice Listing
Print A/R Payment Listing
Print A/R Receipt Voucher
Print A/R Debit Note Listing
Print A/R Debit Note
Print A/R Credit Note Listing
Print A/R Credit Note
Print A/R Refund Listing
Print Payment Voucher (for refund)
Print A/R and A/P Contra Listing
Print A/R and A/P Contra Note
Print A/R Deposit Listing
Print A/R Deposit Receipt
Print Outstanding A/R Deposit Listing
Print Debtor Collection Report
Print Monthly Sales and Collection Analysis Report

Account Payable
Creditor Maintenance
A/P Invoice Entry
A/P Payment
A/P Debit Note
A/P Credit Note
A/P Refund
A/P Deposit Entry
Print Creditor Balance
Print Creditor Statement
Print Creditor Aging
Print Monthly Purchase Analysis
Print Outstanding A/P Invoice
Print Outstanding A/P Deposit
Print A/P Analysis by Document
Print Creditor Label and Listing
Print A/P Invoice Listing
Print A/P Payment Listing
Print Payment Voucher
Print A/P Debit Note Listing
Print A/P Credit Note Listing
Print A/P Refund Listing
Print Receipt Voucher (for refund)
Print A/P Deposit Listing
Print A/P Deposit Payment Voucher
Print Outstanding A/P Deposit Listing
Print Outstanding A/P Invoice Listing
Print Creditor Aging Report
Print Creditor Balance Report
Print Creditor Statement Report
Print Monthly Purchase and Payment Analysis Report
Print A/P Analysis By Document Report

Item Maintenance
Group Maintenance
Stock Type Maintenance
Stock Location Maintenance
Stock Adjustment
Stock Issue*
Stock Receive*
Stock Write Off
Stock UOM Conversion*
Stock Update Cost
Supports 5 costing method for each stock item (Fixed Cost, Weighted Average,          FIFO, LIFO, and Most Recent Costing)
Print Stock Card Report
Print Stock Balance
Print Stock Movement
Print Item Profit Margin
Print Reorder Advice Report
Print Inventory Physical Worksheet Report
Print Stock Item Listing
Print Stock Group Listing
Print Stock Type Listing
Print Stock Adjustment Listing
Print Stock Issue Listing*
Print Stock Receive Listing*
Print Stock Write Off Listing

Sales Order
Delivery Order
Cash Sale
Credit Note
Debit Note
Delivery Return
Cancel Sales Order
Print Profit & Loss of Document Report
Print Quotation Listing
Print Outstanding Quotation Listing
Print Sales Order Listing
Print Outstanding Sales Order Listing
Print Delivery Order Listing
Print Outstanding Delivery Order Listing
Print Invoice Listing
Print Cash Sales Listing
Print Credit Note Listing
Print Debit Note Listing
Print Cancel Sales Order Listing
Print Delivery Return Listing
Print Monthly Sales Analysis Report
Print Customer Price History Report
Print Credit Note Analysis Report
Print Debit Note Analysis Report

Request for Quotation
Issue Purchase Order
Goods Received Note Entry
Issue Purchase Invoice
Issue Cash Purchase
Goods Return
Purchase Return
Cancel Purchase Order
Print Request Quotation Listing
Print Outstanding Request Quotation Listing
Print Purchase Order Listing
Print Outstanding Purchase Order Listing
Print Goods Received Note Listing
Print Outstanding Goods Received Note Listing
Print Purchase Invoice Listing
Print Cash Purchase Listing
Print Purchase Return Listing
Print Cancel Purchase Order Listing
Print Goods Return Listing
Print Monthly Purchase Analysis Report
Print Supplier Price History Report

Bank Book Manager
BOM Inquiry*
Stock Item Inquiry*

Other Features
User Define Field*
Serial Number Tracking*
Back & Expiry Date tracking*
Point Systems*
Project and Department accounting*
Each month and year is assign with a different set of running number
GST Compliance*

Stock Location Maintenance*
Stock Transfer*
Print Stock Location Listing*
Print Stock Transfer Listing*

Stock UOM Conversion*
Print Stock Card by Multi-UOM Report*
Print Stock Movement by Multi-UOM Report*
Print Stock Item Profit Margin by Multi-UOM Report*
Print Inventory Physical Worksheet by Multi-UOM

Bill of Material (BOM)
BOM Maintenance (Inside Item Maintenance)*
Stock Assembly
Print Bill of Material Listing Report*
Print BOM Material Usage Report*
Print Check BOM Material Report*

Supplier Consignment*
Print Consignment*
Print Supplier Consignment*
Print Consignment Listing*
Print Outstanding Consignment Listing*
Print Supplier Consignment Listing*
Print Outstanding Supplier Consignment Listing*

Batch No
Print Stock Card by Batch No Report*
Print Stock Movement by Batch No Report*
Print Batch Tracking Report*

Sales and Purchase Document supports FOC Quantity*
Automatic calculate FOC Quantity by Price Category*
FOC Quantity controlled by Batch No.*

Bonus Point
Automatic calculate Bonus Point*
Bonus Point Redemption*

Advanced Financial Report
Advanced Profit and Loss Statement
Years Comparison
Quarters Comparison
This Year vs. Quarters Comparison
This Month vs This Month Budget
This Year vs This Year Budget
This Month vs Month Budget and This Year vs Last Year Budget Months Budget            Comparison
This Year Budget vs Month Budget Comparison
Advanced Balance Sheet Statement*
Years Comparison
Quarters Comparison
This Year vs Quarters Comparison

Report Designer
Debtor Statement
Official Receipt
Payment Voucher
Overdue Letter
Item Listing
Delivery Order
Cash Sales
Credit Note
Debit Note
Sales Order
Debtor/Creditors Label
Debtor/Creditors Listing
Ledger Report…. & etc.

Other Facilities
Open/Create/Delete Account Book
Company Profile Maintenance
Bank Reconciliation
Backup & Restore
User Maintenance/Access Right Maintenance
Year End Closing
Foreign Currency Maintenance*
Agent Maintenance & Terms Maintenance
Area Code Maintenance
Payment Method Maintenance
Price Category*
Audit Trail

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