AutoCount Mobile
Product Information

Synchronizing with Back End
AutoCount Mobile is fully integrated with powerful AutoCount Accounting which is an integrated business solution that comprise of accounting, stock and invoicing. Hence, you can have real time update of customer, supplier and stock info.

Main screen

Customer and Supplier Inquiry
You can inquiry customer and supplier information in AutoCount Mobile instantly. From here, you can even drill down to their aging records.

Customer and Supplier Inquiry

Stock Availability Status
With AutoCount Mobile, you can access to stock balance information while away from office. Here, you can also follow up on purchase order and sales order status.

Inquire by stock item

Price History Inquiry
AutoCount Mobile Price History Inquiry feature allows you to trace back stock item, transaction date, price and quantity at ease.

Price History Inquiry

Display Price History

Managing Quotation, Sales Order, Delivery Order and Invoice data
While away from office, you can enter quotation, sales order, delivery order and invoices data in AutoCount Mobile and synchronize it with back-end system. Provided printer is available, you can print out sales records instantly.

Quotation List

Create New Delivery Order

Create New Sales Order

Create New Invoice

Powered by AutoCount Business Information System
With its seamless integration with AutoCount Business Information System, AutoCount Mobile provides you business information which is fast, accurately and up-to-date.

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