Special Industries

Save your time
AutoCount Photocopier saves your time in maintaining photocopy machine and contract. You can dedicate your time in building customer services and provide better after-sales service.

Good maintenance
AutoCount Photocopier keep informed of the status of photocopier machine and its maintenance. Hence, it ensured that photocopier machine is always in good shape with minimum technical problems.

Credibility Building
You can build credibility with customers with AutoCount Photocopier. Your customers know what they paid for. It is clearly stated in contract signed and meter-reading reports.

Comprehensive Report
AutoCount Photocopier contract listing reports summarize your contract information which you can access it in a single screen. You can also evaluate whether a contract or photocopier machine is profitable based on reports in Profit & Lost by contract and Profit & Lost by copier.

Quality after-sales service
AutoCount Photocopier customer service maintenance feature supplies you detailed information on complains lodged, spared part replaced and service history. It equipped you necessary information to provide quality after-sales service.

Auto posting
AutoCount Photocopier is integrated into AutoCount Accounting as plug in. Hence, your invoice will auto post to ledger.

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