Sport Equipment Sdn Bhd is Umbro sport wear licensed partner in Malaysia. Since 2001, they had relied on AutoCount range of products to manage their company data. AutoCount Professional was the first accounting software they implemented. In 2005, they had upgraded it to AutoCount Accounting.

Before implement AutoCount Accounting, their database was not stable and required huge backup. It was difficult for them to close account book. AutoCount Accounting with its SQL server is relatively stable, have good user interface and not much training required. Its security level is good and easy to customize. For example, Captain Siva can decide only himself can delete invoice.

Satisfy with the quality of the product, its person-in-charge, Captain Siva had even recommended AutoCount Accounting to his Singaporean counterparts who had spend million of dollars on expensive system which didn¡¯t work well for them.

On Computerized data with AutoCount Accounting

"I was a seaman with no accounting background and afraid of computer. AutoCount 2006 had changed the way I work with computer. It is easy to use and learn."

"Before 2001, we keep data manually. In 2001, when our company acquired by Singaporean listed company, they want us to computerized company data. We were lucky that someone recommended us to AutoCount product. Then, we were introduced AutoCount Professional which was sufficient to meet our needs. It was a good product.

"Some people prefer not to computerize the data because the computerized data will record and show everything. They might want to hide something. However, when we keep our data manually, it was easy to make mistakes and hard for us to make audit trail. Once we computerized with AutoCount Accounting, it solved all these challenges."

Comparing AutoCount Accounting to other accounting software

"Accounting software is just like car. Different people have different preference, some prefer high-end product like Mercedes-Benz and other Proton Wira. But they share the same function."

"We choose AutoCount Accounting over other accounting software as it is reliable, price is attractive and no need special machine to run the program. It does not require big resources and expensive machine, which makes it cost effective."

"What differentiate AutoCount Accounting from other accounting software? Ease of use, speed of response, ease of data entry, stable, logical, easy to go and no much training required. "

How AutoCount Accounting works for Sport Equipment

"AutoCount Accounting is stable. Although we have huge database, but our system never hang once, not even once. With AutoCount Accounting, our transaction can be process faster. We are no longer keeping stock sheet and price record. Everything had been computerized."

"Speed to generate reports from the system is amazingly fast. Even Auditor appointed by UK Umbro who visited our office recently was impressed with the speed and comprehensive of the report generated. Report will be generated in seconds. You need only 15 seconds to generate yearly balance sheet report and only 25 seconds to generate yearly profit and lost statement."

"Report generated from the system is comprehensive; it is a matter of how you asked from the system. The system will produce report base on your criteria."

Overall remark on AutoCount Accounting

"AutoCount Accounting is no doubt a good product but it lacks of market exposure. You need to work harder on marketing. UBS and MYOB is a well-known product. People will come and look for them. On the contra, AutoCount is based on words-of-mouth advertising. People come to AutoCount base on recommendation from existing users who satisfy with the product. I myself had recommended to friends when they are looking for accounting software."

"If you asked me how I would sum up AutoCount Accounting in one sentence, I would say that it is a very good recommended without reservation."